Pookie Darling

i love you my adorable pookie bear so much i know lately we have had our ups and downs ends and outs but baby i love you and i always always will never forget that no matter how many fights or disagreements we have no matter how many times i will never leave your side


My asian looking wife (:

My asian looking wife (:

My love poem to her

My love poem to her

long distance…

long distance between love is hard but just knowing what i have is the greatest thing life can offer me…i have my dream right here with me and she would never leave my side i love her so much!

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sent this to her awhile back…bet she dont remember


i promise to love her…forever i will never hurt…her i will never leave her side…i will be there to protect her and hold her threw it all…no matter how hard it gets no matter how many problems that may occur we will last forever!

that’s my promise to you Kaitlin!